Alluitz Natura promotes rural tourism as a source of economic diversification in the area of Natural Park Urkiola.

Our commitment to rural tourism is the disclosure of the activities in the area (organic farming, livestock and craft production …) routes discovered by the natural environment and life experiences that develops in this.

Where to eat

The best option is to eat what you bring food from home and without the need moure’us, stay on the same intal dining facilities. We have for you, a refrigerator, a microwave, a heating water for tea and you could do it as a coffee machine available.

If you prefer to eat in a restaurant, we recommend three alternatives, the first is to bring you the restaurant Mendigoikoa walking, splendid choice for most siberites and a second option, zoom also walking Olondo where you can enjoy menu at a reasonable price.

The third option is to end the day recomanda

Elorrio , 10 minutes by car, where you will find several dining options and you’ll have several options to end the day tourist, tours, …